I'm trying to figure out the point of this offer

If there something else the balloons are used for? 1000 of each balloon gives 100 anniversary tokens so what is the point? Is it just a gotcha for people who already collected 10 of each already?
Am I missing something?

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I actually think that’s a really good offer and I’m considering shelling out a few 500s for it lol. It’s takes pressure off you having to hit max milestones in tourneys

Yes I’m a collector and 1 of 7 people who actively want Sergio

Plus there’s a similar colour-specific offer for 500 coins that gives a majority chance for 200 balloons


Color with a U. Eww.

I just said I wanted Sergio and hone in on the Queen’s? Lol

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this is awesome if you get coins cuz you don’t need to use up your museum collections!

Hold my beer.

15000 red balloons - yet we can get the collection only 10 times.

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@DukeNukem4ever You can just sell the extra to Pennywise…


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