I'm thinking it's a Longshot, but why not


Myself, and 3 others are struggling to find an active faction (war, lvl ups, raids, territories, pretty much all around) we were formerly with the #2 in Dougherty (highly active) pre transfers. What’s out there? I’m tired of buying keys. Is the game just beginning to drag everywhere, or is it just dragging for me?


Which faction were you in?




Hart is a pretty decent place. Some good factions who need filling too.


Bullock has good activity as well.


No need to be so dismissive, he was only asking which faction.

Anyway, I hear the Whimperers in Dougherty are good

Spoiler Alert: they suck


I’m not being dismissive, the Faction was named Nevermind lol


I know, I was being sarcastic.

Except for the bit about Whimperers……


I was with Whisperers pre transfer, dummies followed FKR for some reason lol. Forever 2nd or 3rd


Some would say it was more stupid to hang in Deadcatur….


Henry is decent plus our faction zero fox given has a few spaces soare if interested?


Decatur is thriving lol. So much better without all those shítty people and their shítty drama


Is that why you didn’t go with them to Dougherty?


No, didn’t go cause their whole plan was stupid, why follow what is considered a top 3 faction in the entire game? Plus I like being a Decaturd


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