I'm starting to see why now


I see why you’re losing so many players now. It’s stuff like the Dwight shirt thing, the broken promises, raising milestones bc of lost income (since ppl keep leaving), etc. I don’t think I need to elaborate. I’ve been here from the beginning and spent more money than I’m proud of. Sucks to see a game you love turn into what this has become. @kalishane please pass it on. It’s said a lot I know but it’s spreading.


We lost a guy because his GPS disappeared. He contacted support about it and they told him he sold it…but who in their right mind would do that. Anyway, he quit because of supports BS response and it probably wasn’t the sole reason to quit, but it was the final straw.


I stop spending, it just isn’t worth it, even the 10 dollar deal is outdated, plus the milestones going higher is killing me, I’m even looking for a different game to hook me in.


Lol play Brave Frontier. Alim Gumi actually listens to their players and gives new content everyday. If you’re into Anime and mythological monsters and demons you may enjoy this. Plus you don’t have to wait 2 and a half years for new story missions or content, and their events are awesome. Only thing it lacks is a global chat, but who knows? Maybe they did add a global chat since I’ve been gone from it. The story is engaging and you’ll love Tillith the one who sticks with you during your adventure. Rates probably still suck, but with new units out there, it won’t even matter who you get because you’ll have a toon you’ll get to enjoy.

If not, then best of luck on your new game you find. This is just a suggestion. :slight_smile:


I enjoy summoners war. Tons of guides, u can compete as F2P just takes a while (long term game) and the devs listen to their player base. Then offers usually spendy like the ones here, but they are worthwhile usually.

The pull rates are pretty bad, like here, but you get something that’s usable somewhere, in some fashion.

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I’ll give it a shot, I’m trying anything now.

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Ouch… That sucks


I’m just playing PC games. I missed my steam friends.

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Oh yea. I launched it the other day again. And a deal about Oxygen Not Included popped up. Bought that, been happy ever since. :smiley:


I’ve been finding myself playing that March of War game, and I think it sucks. Says a lot.


Companies need to show their customers that they matter, and that just isn’t true with Scopely. Sucks.


If they lowered the milestones back to what they were. 're introduced the road maps where the final stage u got a toon on and many more of the ‘old school’ play, people would more likely spend.
But with all these new features and ‘exciting’ ( I say exciting with much much sarcasm) offers. Its driving people away.
There’s been some slight improvements with certain aspects but there is always a down side for example the gear maps were all excited that we get them weekly now…but no cans for sale in the shop.


I disagree. Scopley is the best company in the world, and they do listen to the playerbase. Just look at all the level ups. Whales asked for it when they were willing to pay and go hardcore for rewards, so that’s what happened. You reap what you sew, and even the whales are in denial and don’t want to admit it’s they’re fault for the destruction of the game. :joy:


So what are your thoughts on Brave Frontier? Does it spark your interest?

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That game is pretty awesome and I been playing it a bit more then the walking dead.

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Haha told ya. :slight_smile:

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