I'm sorry Scopely but wtf?

I’ve heard alot of unrest towards your latest offer, 4000 coins to buy a beacon go get this Typhoon Roadmap unlocked, on the players united line group.

I decided to look into it myself. For me personally, I have 8 beacons so buying this “great” offer wouldn’t help.

So 4000 coins, as I’ve never purchased coins from you I still have the first time half prize purchase so if I bought a mixture of packs I could buy this beacon, that gets me closer, to a character, for around £30.

Now the character itself, lol… Yeah. You’re bringing out S class hard and fast, why would I want to pay for a 6* when in a few months I’ll have a team of free S class.

My gym membership is cheaper than your offer.
My phone contract is cheaper than your offer.
My broadband is cheaper than your offer.

Seriously, I know we don’t have to buy anything at all from you, but when you see something like that, it’s really insulting that you think so little off us.

You’re not selling anything that will benefit our real lives, like a gym membership.

You’re not selling something that’s crucial to some like a phone contract.

You’re selling a game, something that is supposed to be fun.

I get that you have staff to pay, advertising, server costs yada yada, but you could scale right back on your prices and have more people want to pay and make more money.


This is something scopely doesnt want to or cant seem to understand. 1 million people spending $1 each = 1 million dollars. They like to appease to the 1% and charge lets say $1000 and you have only a few people who will spend that. So they make less money :man_shrugging: not the way i run my business but scopelys not my business cause if it was i would make like 90% of the players happy and make double even triple the profit scopely makes.


But those same people more than likely won’t keep spending so they target the pixel addicts.


I don’t understand it myself. Its a great game, they can see people are willing to spend, people have spent, and lots going by the refunds we’ve seen. People aren’t exactly leaving, they’re just not willing to spend which should make Scopely see that we love the game. Logically you’d think, if people love my product and I make it even better, they’ll happily throw their money at me.


I run a small business here and trust me that my mind is baffled by things scopely does, not just from a gamers perspective but also from a business one


I don’t think they have any issues with paying employees seeing as they wrap bacon around their bonus money and give them items their first day. They have a fun culture it seems, but their disconnect with the players has always been there. Take the trainer deals. Beginning of the year, they ran a deal for 10 bennies, basils, bradys and burts x2 with bags of 1 million food for $9.99 and you can purchase up to 2. When I was leveling toons, I’d splurge and buy these offers without thinking. Now, you have a $74.99 offer for 2 crates of bennies, 3 basils, 4 bradys and 5 burts with no bags of food. That doesn’t even come close to the original deal or value. They out price themselves. They are a profit driven company even though they have a cult following that would spend for deals that are worth spending and could more than likely make the same amount, maybe more than the current stupid deals they have now. They over value their items even though they’ve stated that these items hold no monetary value.


I have a feeling that the only way Scopely may be willing to improve the game is that someone holds them at gunpoint and demands exactly that.

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just dont buy the gun from scopley. The magazine will hold 100 bullets and you will only be buying a chance that half of one of those bullets will work. you will need to buy 2 magazines and then find the 2 half bullets and combine them into a full bullet


Sooooo TRUE if Scopely make the price lower more people will buy everything

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like ive stated before

£10 for 20 x 5*/4*/3*/2* trainers 5 mil food

£100 for 40 x 5*/4*/3*/2* couple of lils & Uly

shit dont make sense but they continue to go full matt damon


all whilst releasing an event where we were getting 150 benedicts in 10 x crates …

look they see things like this

lets finally release an offer/event which actually costs some money BUT going from previous offers/events actually is a good deal if people are willing to purchase them.

these deals/events gets ALOT of traffic so scopely rather than continue the trend and supply a steady focus for revenue takes it away and weeks later ramp up the cost of less items for more money believing players are starved for those offers and will impulse buy anything they throw up.

again might appease the odd 1% but turns people off the game, people who would pay for a boost, or help on an event they want to compete, they do this they either not bother competing worsening their roster and enjoyment of the game leading to eventual asking the question do they want to continue or they just dont bother continuing and move on.

Look at these beauties

That top one was £99 ha ha lmao


Same. When I seen that I was like sweet mother of god. If they lowered the prices they would have so much more people willing to buy…not just once but repetitively.


Nobody said you had to buy and ps the toon is trash anyways

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Nothing is fun about wasting £99 on what will most likely be either 3 GPS/canteens or 8 lilths, neither of which are worth more than £9.99, especially GPS/canteens that can be bought from the leagues store.

If offers were much more reasonably priced and good value for money for guaranteed useful items, far more players would buy them.

The ‘fun’ bag should be two sets: Set 1 is 8250 or 20,0000 coins and set 2 is 8x lilths or 3x GPS/canteens. This means at worst you would atleast get the coins you’d normally get for £99 + bonus items and if lucky, get 20K coins also with bonus items.


well none of us have access to the actual revenues scopely gets from “$1” players versus the “$1,000” players. we dont know the numbers, so saying 1 million $1 is pure speculation.

we dont really know if catering to lower bracket spenders will give scopely higher net income or not. since they are a business, i assume they have determined that this current segment they are catering to is the one that gives them the revenues they want.


Why would anyone spend 4,000 coins for Zhu… boggles my mind. Hard pass.


Y’all need to stop making sense around here!


I think their logic is, “make things so overpriced that only whales can afford them l, this will keep.l them at the top of the food chain and others will spend to catch up”

My logic would be, “lower the prices, more people will buy, there won’t be as much as gap as good deals are readily available, thus increasing further spending to try and get ahead of the pack by forcing more competition”


Agree 100%. If they would treat the micro purchases as actually products as opposed to scratch off tickets there would be better gameplay and a happier base … i.e. why I am gonna gamble with $20 for a 50% shot at a beacon… just sell the beacon and the market will let them know if they have over valued it … it makes little sense that Zhu, who could be bought for $28 , through preordering a book would ost more in game … long story short their variable pricing of chance boxes needs to go and they need to start offering the items at a guaranteed price