I'm not usually one to complain about the game…

The frequency of "you got lucky "needs to show up more often. I almost can’t progress any further in the game – I’m constantly out of gloves and shirts. I can’t farm fast enough to upgrade my toons. I’m at a standstill, I can’t get any necklaces to T4 anyone. I don’t want to stop playing the game, but it’s getting awful boring not being able to do anything.

And I’ve done all the re-setting of missions to try and force it No dice.

C’mon scopely- work this issue out, I’m losing interest.

Thank you.

Edit- My scavenger history doesn’t go back that far, but I think I’ve had one "you got lucky " in the last two weeks. It’s just too long.


How many of the gold missions have you done?
I have done maybe half of them and my YGL never fails to show up occasionally I will have to start and abort missions but it always shows up.

This is the thing that halts your progression? My progression is halted entirely by garbage pulls, welcome to the party pal.

And i have canceled 1-2 times cause there was no lvl up.

Once you stop care about these things, you will see them more often…i have more than 3K shirts and gloves and i dont even farm them.

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