Im not sure if this guy is cheating orrrr

This guy has 2 reginas

League store in Madison region got reset, so either he’s from there or left there


This has been brought up numerous times and some people were able to get two

She sucks who cares

I think she’s awesome.


She’s actually amazing against the shield meta. If they can’t heal maim, she WILL whittle them down and when she puts them down they stay down.


Fixed it for you

To me she sucks on attack too nowadays with s class toons having such high hp but idk people still use her :man_shrugging:t2:

Shield meta has been over for months now but it’ll be back as soon as they put out an s class one

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And it will have 10k health gl with those 1400 hits and pete during it

And Regina won’t do anything against it unless people want to sit there for like 30 minutes for her to go off like 7 times

Not on my server. Other than the mega-whales, most of the teams I run into on attacks are shields. Many are still running two shields that will alternate.

Without some maim, those are going to often time out, but all you need to do is “bide” your time until you can hit a couple of maims and suddenly EVERYONE is down.

Sure, but most of us won’t have a chance against those teams anyway. She still works for raids against “mere mortals”.

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Yea no time out teams are gone for the most part in my region I’m starting to see 3/5, 4/5 s class teams with the non s class being toons like Negan and Mia…there’s just too many ways around a shield quickly where it’s almost a waste of a spot now

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