I'm not able to purchase offers

I can not make any purchases. I get an error code of 300,004 and 300,002. I have force stopped, cleared cache, and restarted my device. I even uninstalled and nothing. Is anyone else having this problem?


Amazon store? May need to go to them for help.

I’ve had the same issue for the last five days. I contacted Scopely support twice and got blew off. Amazon also told me it wasn’t a problem on their end.


This is a good thing👍


It’s been like this for me for 2weeks, scopely and Amazon keep passing me back and forth. Told to clear data ect. Nothing works.

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consider yourself lucky ( dont hide my comment scopley emply )

Why would you want to make any purchases in this game with its current state anyway. Just saying lol

Same thing here. He wants to try clearing data now. I’m afraid that I won’t get my account back.

Same thing.

I’ve been back and forth with both Amazon and Scopely. I think it has something to do with the IOS thing. Even though they are not related. I’ve even uninstalled the game. Now he wants to clear the data. I’m afraid I will lose my progress of we do.

If you have a receipt for another purchase, don’t worry about it.

Link to Facebook for easier restoration of your account without support. They can help you restore it without a Facebook link as long as you have a receipt.

I had the same issue many times recently. Google after few attempts told me the problem was with my payment profile and they have rectified it. But the error still keep occuring randomly and now Ive given up.
If the same error happens with both Amazon and google users , then the problem should be at Scopelys side right?

I cant give scopes my money, please help, be glad, their bad service saved your stupid ass some money.


Ehh, there’s much better things you can do with your money instead of giving it to $copely, anyway. Personally, I’d rather throw it into the sun and watch it burn than let them have it.

How do I get to my account on FB? I want to switch from my Kindle to my phone. Can you please help me with that?

You know people have the right and freedom to spend their money whichever way they want right?
If you can’t add anything helpful to the question being raised, be quiet please. Not every thread in this forum need to be made into a p2p vs f2p thing.

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Menu, options, link account.

If you tap on menu, options, and it says “unlink account”, you’ve already linked it to Facebook. Be very careful before unlinking it if you don’t know what Facebook it’s linked to.

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Still not fixed yet. Once the greedy higher-ups find out about this, support is going to be in trouble.

I ended up switching from my Kindle to my phone.

This specific issue keeps popping up one e every few months. It’s surprising that scopely hasn’t done anything about it especially since they’re losing revenue!!

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