I'm looking for this guy who left home

RED Romanov “Road to survival”

Maybe on a 5* wheel? … please say yes!!

I don’t think he has ever been on the 5 star wheel.


nooooooooo way~~~~~~~~~~~~

I think he was probably on a special wheel way back and maybe premier recruits

I got him from an event ages ago.

I have 3 of him, and have no idea where I got them lol

Was the yellow Negan event years ago, either got Negan, Romonav or blue Glenn

I believe he was once in the prestige wheel. Can’t be too sure though.

Got him again on the premier wheel a few back

He was in a Lucille Token event about a year or two ago.
You could either get Yellow Negan, Carrie, Red Romanov or Gatherer Glenn

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I think this is actually where I got him.

He is in premier wheel. Got one from saved up coins like 2 weeks back.

Same. Got him a couple weeks ago from premier