I'm looking for green Gabriel

This one : https://forums.scopely.com/uploads/short-url/fzzGn9u8l6S6Ju2Sm367FvRWzu3.png

I guess it’s a former promo but not a crazy toon compare to recent ones and it would fit perfect in my yellow/green team, I don’t have any 6* revive toon, nor leader which is a shame at this point.

How to get him or any old toon and not only Dante/Violet/Naya/Rikker/Denise…

He is still a desirable character due to his as and cleanse so they are reluctant to give him on a wheel.

he was at the premier recruits wheel when Pete Anderson was released

6 stars are just useless toons now

This is how you get him and the rest. You have to throw Undeserved Money at


I really want it, solve my 2 issues at once.

Just put him in a wheel and I’ll give all my gold coins back

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