Im looking for a different region

Im in wave 1b. I score 150k really fast that i ended up doing double every war. Im F2p but grind really hard. I can easily beat any pete’s lead def. My activity is extremely high.

Region and faction that im looking for:
Number one in the region in all faction events.
Decent faction placement rank in crw
Solo points are not ridiculously high such as you have to have 5- 10 mil just to have a chance for top 10 or
15 mil+ to have a chance for 1st.
Sr solo in our region sometimes can reach a millions points.

Pm me here

What’s wrong with your current faction?

Tbh, if you are concerned what solo top score look like, you probably want to wait. No one is going to have any idea what the wave 1 regions will look like until after WoC is done and the factions transfer back out from there. The entire landscape will change.

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