I'm just gonna leave this here

Felt like flexing

Starter pack?

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How tf did you already get her

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The Scopely way.

Buy an offer or two and fast track the grind.


Wallet warrior


Actually my bad, she is easy enough to get with letters.

I think at least one offer was purchased to fast track, but it’s OPs money not mine.


Your flex is weak. Come back when she is Sclass and someone might care


Congrats on being part of the problem I guess :joy::joy:


Impressive I had 10$ too

After being an N away from getting Princess myself, it is possible to get her without spending real world money.

The energy offer cost 275 coin to get a raid bag

The rest is good old grinding.

Road map takes a shit ton of energy, I can’t find a Negan to kill once let alone four more times.

Levelling up was easy with sr event going on

It’s possible OP got her without spending a dime, if so I tip my hat to you for being first.

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Look ma no hands… XD


Bah u can do that without spending a dime lol burn some cans and some tickets it’s easy

Cute, but will you be able to collect her sclass version without spending?

Hard to say at this point I’ll get back to u

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S class will be a few hundred bucks
And merry Christmas

Well aren’t you clever

have 15 arena tickets saved, used a few and got a few bears myself

Didn’t spend a dime…

So what am I missing here? completing the “Bear Hunt” roadmap gives 3 bears, “tickets” roadmap with the one f2p entry earned; 1 bear, completing the tinsel mission; 1 bear… So only 5 bears available :thinking:

tenor (5)

Momma me flexing more weak sauce XD: