I'm going to miss him. Will he show up again!?

Yes he will likely end up showing up again.


There arent but what like 5 characters you will see him plenty but on extreme sale, if they have those, doubtful.

Just build up 4 star greens and try for him in the tower

It sounds simple。:)

100k cheaper than plat mod, 105k more expensive than a 4* trainer…

Scopely: Prices seem legit

:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:


The odds MAY have changed now that he’s a 6*, but I grabbed two of him over the months by doing this.

I started the update with Lee in the depot, then no one, now Magna is there. I suspect that you’ll see these cycling through fairly rapidly. Of course, I haven’t had ANY sales. Didn’t need the Lee, can’t afford Magna at full price even if I wanted her.

Those new prices are a joke. Seriously who is going to spend 105k on a 4-star freaking trainer? :laughing:

Also, I am so sick of having to wait months to be able to get and or use a toon. Enough with the strings attached to everything BS especially when neither can become s-class and neither are really that good to begin with. Months from now they won’t even be useful as benchwarmers.

They removed him from Ascendance. Visible in the Museum

Magna was on an Extreme Sale yesterday (just above 200k) and I couldn’t afford her

would have been great for my def team

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