I'm going to make a prediction

In the next 6 months we’re going to see high tier toons like Zach, Doc, Raven, etc. in wheels because Scopely can no longer make profit off of them due to S-Class.
It happened with 5 stars, it’ll happen with 6 stars.

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Well that’s just content updating. I hope that happens.


Never said it was bad, but when it does happen it’s a sign that we’re nearing the end of 6 stars


We’re in the endgame now.


Well of course they have zero bucket moving value now. Got to pump up the s class bucket.

We’re already transitioning out of 6*s now. The S-Class every two weeks spoke their intentions very clearly


My bucket has a hole in it. Guess I’m screwed.

Oh well I’ll be glad when I’m out of resources so I can live a happier life.

Fuck this game


Put a pancake in your bucket to plug the hole

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that’s a waste of a perfectly good pancake

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Problem with this is they will all.be useless by that time

You’ll prolly need 8 of those to ascend one to S class lol

Hehehe love that this is now going to be a meme :grin:

My prediction is no matter what changes were all screwed;)

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I’d say closer to the 6 month mark but yes I agree with you it’ll definitely happen the more S classes come out the more useless regular 6*s become

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