I'm going to aid #pu (in my own way)

I’ve decided I’m going to make cringy ass song from the perspective of scopley fkn you
Here’s the idea for a beat for it and here’s what I got so far for lyrics

Yo yo yo it’s your boi jb on the mic
And I’m gonna take all your feedback sike
I’ve got news on the new bug
Not I’m gonna sweeep it under the rug
Over your dollars imma give it a tug
Cuz there all that matters so you can give me a mouth hug
And to you player united wussys if I see you your gonna get nerfed up
Like we did to miras old d cups
Because we be choosing pancakes over player’s (players)
Stacking bucks all the way to the himalayers (layers)
We the og money slayers (slayers)
Turn you into broke ass taxpayers (payers)
I know it’s cringy but why not
Feel free to help me crete a decent song for the sake of players united




thanks @Mysterion

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You could have given him something for atleast being creative.


Thx you aisa
Britain’s got talent is always rigged anyway
That darn Simon must have his pants up his arse
Oh… Wait

I can one up you, you ready?

That physically hurt to listen to

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You dare opose me mortal

Challenge accepted

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Beat this
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