I'm going into the new year in dominating fashion

Just wanted to let Y’all know I’m about to dominate the game with the 390 S-Class Shards I’m about to get… What about Y’all F2P…

  • I’m getting the 390 S-Class Shards and will dominate
  • I’m not getting the 390 S-Class Shards and wont dominate

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Yeah buddy, 390 chocolate cakes coming my way! I just need 4.5k more. I’ll be kicking ass by june!


Trash rewards and GR dont do nothing.

He’s sadly just a messenger, he only delivers the news Scopely gives.

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What’s up with your fixation on GR? :joy: Secret crush, huh?

He may really cannot do much, even if he wanted he has to follow his overlord‘s rules otherwise he can go like JB. You should walk a mile in his shoes. Most of us would not stay a week due of the toxicity.


i mean at least 500 collectibles :pensive: 390 is such a fckn joke

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Because GR is the bridge and he do nothing about the events.

That’s literally because he can’t do anything about it remember don’t shoot the messenger

I don’t think you understand what his roll is here. He doesn’t make the decisions, he’s just the guy who communicates between the masses and the wankers who make the decisions

This is true but he need help the game ,VK have more notice than here.

The lord do something bad the messenger suffer too,scopely do s…t things the adm suffer its logic.

Leonidas begs to differ… :muscle: :triumph: :foot:


ps. nothing against GR

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June 2021*

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By word dominate for f2p they actually meant “survive” as more n more s class wheels coming while f2p gets 6* gen -1 level leagues toon stuck behind special gear.

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or get dominated if you dont spend. didnt thought of it that way.

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Right, at a whopping 30 pieces of cake a day it just might take that long

True this is true.

Just skip this event and run the normal free part of the daily S class roadmap for the same number of days for… what… 390 shards :thinking:. For 28 energy.

Waiting to see what creative pricing per stage is on the fancy “Tiara” map. I will guess it is more. :shushing_face:

Aye, 13 days and you’ll get the same. Less than 2 weeks on basic and you end up with as much as this ‘dominating’ event.
What a joke.

There is instant gratification, and there is “youll die of old age before you get any of this isht”. They like the second. There is no middle ground.