I'm glad GR Scopley agrees with what WE have said

this was not my post I replied to it and considering he liked it (which is more than what @JB.Scopely has ever done) I hope this means he will actually take it to the team.
Big thanks to @GR.Scopely to for actually agree with something and I hope this post will shed light that some of are comments are read and actually listen to!


I recommend reading this post as it clears ever point wrong with game and I
don’t what took take any credit for this post that why I have linked the orgional

His contribution so far has been immense and set a new high in the company/players interactions!


Thanks @JB.Scopely for the like but I would highly recommend you reading the post I linked though and liking that

It is a good read, so a like was in order :slight_smile: Some of the items pointed out in this feedback are well known and have been brought to the team. In fact, this thread has been highlighted in our community report to keep the team aware of those recurring input from the community and to start drafting a plan to address them.


You are officially the best community manager we’ve ever had.


Woah,I like JB though


Thanks at least I know some one in the higher ranks has read it I happy and a sure the community is to

By the way you are the best manager out of the two as you actually communicate to the community and for that I applaud you.
Your an asset to this community and from me you get a warm welcome. Keep up the good work good sir!

Come on don’t do JB like that


Bit early to be making that comparison.


Another topic I would recommend you reading and having a look at is the ascendables one.

Link: 9 characters you want made Legacy?

This topic show some characters that MOST players want ascendable and hopefully will give the people at the company an idea of what will make the player base happy as it will be what players will be looking forward too and be happy to see.

I know but the stuff he has done already gives me and others hope I know it isn’t much to go off but he has already shed light on some dark parts of this community and I know he can do more.

Put it this way as he ever replied to any of the ascendable lists no has he replied to what the community actually wants in this game no the one good thing he has done and still I respect him for is helping people with lost progress and accounts. But personally has he helped me or replied to me in any way, no has @GR.Scopely yes so that is the reason why I made this post

He said February or early this year

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What are you talking about?

Until he does something you don’t like then… OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!! :wink:


Eh. I’m not a real off with the head type.

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Since the CM’s are French, that seems appropriate


We don’t want an ascendable list tho…

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