I'm glad game companies are getting put more in the spot light

Here’s a good\sad video to watch.

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They are and they are gonna be slapped with laws and restrictions and these lootbox rng crap will hopefully be gone from gaming for good and we can hopefully get real games made with love, completed games that require skill by playing the game


And now you are going to see aggressive shift to exploit the spenders until they get implemented.

Everything is now in game currency driven.

Instead of taking a more transparent approach to this scopley has decided to ramp up the new deceptive convoluted RNG models.


Yup, should had been an uproar when promo odds were lowered, now they are lowered even more with collection items like eggs and butter and crap and now events are rng based, you can get 1st place each time and get absolutely nothing. They love to punish the players

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