I'm f2p and surviving!

How about you?lmfao


MeToo for the most part.

Weird flex but ok…unscribble ur name too pussay lmao
#f2p4lyfe :joy::joy:


This has been overwritten.

I have zero losses and 30k wins me2 and since I stopped spending that makes me F2P (NOT)

yes sir…

745 days logging in, it’s kinda hard to say that prestige is not from logging in but who knows.

This has been overwritten.


We got a conspiracy brewing.

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Just because that’s his current log in, doesn’t mean he didn’t miss a day before.

I’m at 940 days and have 341k, F2P. So I’d say it’s accurate…

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So what?

yes i have missed a log in…i started nov,2016…

dec. 2016 - march 2017, inside that date i have missed logging in…:joy::joy::joy:

A while back, Scopely also gave a compensation that included prestige for each region. It was about 2k prestige and I had like 30+ regions so it was a lot of free prestige.

Yeah and I have toes for fingers and nips on my butt cheeks.

Or he went each region got pts from what he spent when they pushed prestige out?

Like I said who knows. He hasn’t confirmed anything yet

Should we be amazed or feel bad you wasted 3 year of your life playing this game :man_facepalming:

Not hating just don’t understand how self centered you are

i love playing twd its my pass time since i played i dont mind facing OP toons because they deserve it from spending…and no spender the game will die…im just saying that i survived playing this game and not spending…


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