I'm done with your game

I’m done with your game as soon as my membership is up I’m deleting this game y’all are only out for money it doesn’t matter what your team is ranked y’all always make sure the high spenders win I’m done f scopely y’all don’t care about committed players


Ask for team help. Im f2p (I casual bought 2.99 arena tickets, coin logins and a sc trial)
And I have a S10++ team (With the christa and kapoor)


If you are spending any money you are not f2p so drop that nonsense and call yourself a mild spender


Shit sorry damn man.
Now I don’t spend. (My bank charges 3$ to any purchase I make which is ■■■■■■■ lame. I got 7.40 left on my credit but got denied at the store so I guess I have 2.40 left.)

I’m F2P except for all the purchases I’ve made, but I wake up F2P everyday


Been playing for 3 years and never spend any money at all. My prestige tells it. Just a heavy grinder is all. I’m playing casual now cause I’m not as competitive as I once was now due to money. You can’t be really competitive constantly without spending. I still enjoy the game tho just not as much like I’ve used to. Been playing different games lately now. I might be on my way out soon maybe after the gold bricks event but I haven’t decided yet. Might stick around longer. Lol


If you are free to play then what does money have to do with your playing? That sounds a little contradictory when you say you’re free to play but not as competitive as you once where due to money meaning you have to work more? I’m a casual small offer spender and a once every now and then kind of person when I have extra money to waste. But this game has about broke me on mobile gaming all around. They’re crooks and swindlers. I can’t keep playing a game as a stress reliever and end up being more stressed than I was when I got on before I get off it for the day or night.


Glad you’re not me then.

So your an ex-spender

I do lots of the offers for coins and can make an s14 team now. Been playing about 6months. Just got to use your resources smartly and grind hard. Being in a top faction has helped alot too tbh.

Yes. I was gonna spend on sc. But this game isn’t worth it. Some dude pulled 4 6* On his sc trial. All I pulled was 4*

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That is another issue some people find flawed, how someone who has been playing for over 2 years barely has an S11++ or S12 and someone comes along and says they’ve been playing only 6 months and has an S14. And I can assure you they know how to play the game and use resources, hell some have been around since the game launched. I’ve been playing since shortly after and I don’t even have a team that high, this game isn’t the way it once was. Now you have players level 27 maxed out premiere toons and weapons with all the best stats beating level 153 and its almost like the newer you are to the game the better they treat you until they get you where they want you so they can $#!+ on you. And then the game isn’t fair anymore. Pre 6 star toons it was a fun game and took skill, now you have 1 toon that hits once and wipes out over half if not your entire team it seems, it’s ridiculous.

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i’m f2p since this game released

Thanks for letting us know. Buh bye


Let’s play Clash Royale. It’s best game and best company compare to this game and scopely

Go! I’m telling you! Better to do it now! Ruuun! I wish someone had told me! Its only going to get worse. And hell no they don’t care abt you! Believe that! They don’t care abt anyone! Look at the amount of unsatisfied players on here! If I was you I’d never look back. 2 years here. Its too late for me! But go! Go now!!!

Im just a small spender

Excellent…another player folds…i climb one spot higher…Wooooooo…!

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Insert jurrasic park no one cares meme