I'm committed. Too much

I’m sorry, but this is actually ridiculous. I’m quitting officially today.


Retire while it’s time

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Agree. This is the exact same thing that happened when six stars were released. First it was the six star, then the insane retroactive stat boost … but you could only get them from ascendance. Thenshortly after you could pull. Pull six stars from the wheel … then there was no use for 5 stars anymore. It literally absurd and demoralizing at this point.


Even the AR, Confuse and Impair along with 825%/attack

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This is the best time for it. It’s the only course of action we have left.


I still use 5*kate from time to time lol

All these whales about to run 5 priyas smh


And when she hits you, she’s gonna daze you for 4 turns each time, especially if you load her with defense/health mods. Truly a disappointment


Dont war and dont feed the whales who buy her till the gap is closed, no whale food = unhappy whales, unhappy whales = means scopely makes changes

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This game has gone downhill since it started @GR.Scopely


Yeah, I’m done spending the wee amount I do.
She can literally bitch slap your entire team by herself.

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This is actually different and worse than 6*.

6* when it was introduced had legacy ascendables and almost everyone got Zeke free. In those first few months, most everyone had 2 or 3 6* toons. Those that quit were mostly whales whose rosters were suddenly obsolete. 6* was a reset, but that’s not what this is.

This is straight p2w, whoever gives scopely $1k+ can get an unstoppable toon. And they can fight each other with them, because the rest of us will be gone.


Well yes, the good days are long gone.

The best coarse would be to just play to keep them paying for the servers. Not doing much in playing so whales ask why war sucks, why raiding sucks, basically why do they pay when no one is doing anything!
Well that’s what I do.


What’s the point of staying if your not going to do anything just quit then

To make them use the money and time spent keeping the servers open.

Again why even waste your time doing that just uninstall the game and you never have to deal with them

It’s not anymore a waste off time then just playing. I’m just getting more value from them, then they are from me.
Only time I put effort in is for the “free” events that typically end up being pay events.
One, two hours of play to keep the server open isn’t much of a waste.

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5428 Attack lmao. Have thrown in the towel and no regrets so far. This company has proven nothing but their greed. That list of promises is just a smoke bomb that’s used as a deterrent, nothing more.

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