I'm close to t4ing a 6* So may I ask who should I t4? (poll)


Carl or Shiva

  • Shiva
  • Carl

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6* Shane.


Lol I have the 5* not going to ascend him


Why not? He’s actually better than Shiva and Carl combined. That’s the facts beyond doubt.


I don’t use range that much


Well then; I guess you’ll have to start getting used to it pal. Range toons dominate this game if your defense is low. Shiva and Carl get easily killed by reds, but Shane he’s a God. His powerful leader skill and ar will wipe out anyone in his path.


okay lol :slight_smile:


Leader skills are always my 1st priority. 2nd is best raider. Tough call.


Guess it’s going to be shiva lol


Hmm. Carl


I voted both because I can


Raising Carl T4 is useless except for stupid people showing out their maxed out Carl in their in-game profile. Shiva is a much safe choice.


Shiva. Carl doesn’t hit hard enough for his rush to matter. Shiva kills shit.


I’d wait til could do 2 at once…


I haven’t been able to get my hands on a shiva. But out of the two I would definitely T4 her first before carl. :facepunch:


If we match Banks again next weekend in CRW looks like i’ll be seeing that Shiva in action @Alexfromrts


Lol ya xD


I have green Glenn ready, I can’t wait for him!


You’re a good person Alex and I enjoy your positivity. I respect that.


Thank you :smiley: