Im bored once again

s class brody
“done running”
5235 atk
3358 def
4130 hp
(with rings)
trait= fast
role damage
adrenaline rush =
blazing pierce
deal 600% dmg to one enemy,
that enemy and all adjacent to get 1500 burn for 4 turns
all enemies get daze for 3 turns
active skill =
ap gain and recover exhaust
this character gains 50% AP all teammates
recover from exhaust
specialist skill = pyromaniac
= whenever this character attacks
a toon suffering from burn the damage of that
burning affect is doubled
weapon= brody’s sturdy spear
. 30% hp
. a huge bonus to AP when attking
. 50% chance to confuse enemy when attcking

ps= I might start a series

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Dammit I clicked again

Maybe change it from gash to inferno as gash is bleed related not burn

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Shit. Clicked again as well

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