Im back guys and why so i need to extend my title to 15 characters sheesh

Wondering what I missed… I am an S1++ with no ascendable 5*s. Will i be able to stay with these new powerhouse characters and players?

Scopely has pretty much left you for dead

Not much five star tokens being given out like their was before the lastest update to the five star token wheel where it’s stuff with alot of trash before you pull anything good. Dried up prestige tokens, elite tokens, so you only best bet atm is to take advantage of the roadmap for silver asecension medals. Ascen four star blues for siddiq (six star Ascendable). Ascen four star yellows for jousha(new Ascendable) and gator (future Ascendable). Ascen four star greens for Glenn(future command Ascendable). Those are about it right now. Sell for supply points to pick up blue neutralize tyresse for his six star( basically Andrea on steroids). Pick up red governor (future Ascendable).

That’s about what I can think of far as what you can do starting from the bottom. Get gold medals when and where u can. Other then hoping for a great Ascendable from elite tokens, prestige, and five star wheel you pretty Will be floating on a wing and a prayer unless you just going to open your wallet then problem solved.