Im about to get into a fight

Nvmd my bad it works




Im not joshua. I’m diplow donovan (Ingame name)

I told my mom about the fight. And I did go to sleep. I go to sleep instead of staying up cause our wifi is out.

My phone got snapped in half. Over some swisher sweets. My cousin thought I threw em away. I never did

So …
You are 15

Mom doesnt care you are going to fight

And you are a genious and took your tablet…

Once again the need for attention is explained… :rofl::joy::rofl:


So let me get this straight. You took your tablet to a fight BC you were scared if you left it at home your cousin would be a dick

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So, thinking this is Meth head, Ohio. Mom don’t care. Tablet fights. At the library. And other things I can’t recall from reading this thread

This is possibly the best thread we have ever had on here.


Dude sometimes it’s best to walk away and forget it, here in UK we have a knife epidemic, and it’s the young kids who are stabbing and killing each other with knives,
Times have changed nobody fights with fists no more, all weapons nowadays.
One right you could end up dead or in prison for a very long time.

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Forreal. Ain’t no body doing honorable duels anymore. Fights was so middle school. Streets too unpredictable even trained martial arts fighters don’t want to get into in the streets because they know fights can always end badly that way.


Glad you didn’t get whooped or your tablet broke. Not much you can do if a pistol comes out, but if you want to defend yourself, take a Bjj class. Most places will let you try a few classes for free. I’ve trained for a few years and I can say that I’m confident if shit goes down I can control the situation. Ego will get you hurt or worse. Be safe and thanks for this thread.

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Thanks dad.


This thread got depressingly real real quick

The existence of this thread is truly perplexing… Why don’t you guys just sort this out the old fashioned way, an acedemic decathalon.

My cousin snapped my phone cause of some swishers. I’m 14. And I didn’t want attention or clout. Real glad he didn’t pull up. He did that just to scare me. If you’re gonna threaten someone online. Have some balls and pull up on them. Not showing up makes YOU look like the bitch. Either way. He didn’t fight or come. ■■■■■■■ kid. He got beat up on snapchat. Tried to beat my friend maddi (She’s apart of the LGBTQ+ community) She really wanted to ■■■■■■■ beat him. Once again he’s not worth my time or me unleashing my mentally unstable rage on him.

Also people lemme make this clear. HE. DID. NOT. SHOW. UP. He said a bike ride would take 1h and 12 mins. Waiting since 10 am… He never showed. Like for f*** sake. If you’re threaten to pull up on someone… Have the balls and do it. Not showing up and saying anything makes you look like a complete bitch. Either way. He’s not worth me unleashing my rage on him. Like never get me in a bad mood or while im in a bad mental state. You’ll see a devil coming for you. Anyway that’s all. Just came back from a car wash.

Lmao, this took a weird random turn :raised_hands:t2:

What… in… the… hell… did I just read??

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