Im a returning player

Have been gone all summer and i see a bunch has changed. There are definite improvements to the game. I could almost see myself sticking around again. And a sup @High_Power and @GHOSTONMETOAST its been a while


You would be wrong unfortunately, it is the classic one step forward two steps back.


Just delete the app and walk away


i did that once and where did that lead me? Back to hear

No improvements unless you’re a spender unfortunately

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i can see that. The wheel however for 5* tokens has improved quite a bit. But on my first day back i pulled a sex dungeon tyreese


They changed the wheels, supply depot, war crates, etc. But they also have now made the toons they added pretty useless since they added S Class characters.

They just updated pretty much all the wheels a couple days ago which was nice but around the same time they decided to release another S class toon (roided out versions of a regular 6*) and they decided to buff them tremendously…plus almost all new promos are based on museum collections there’s one going now for the new Priya so getting new promos without doing multiple full pulls is a thing of the past it seems

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I see we can get a free s class toon later on as well. He seems solid.

can’t tell if this is a troll or not. but yeah game is on it’s last leg enjoy the new wheels for the next week or 2 before s class floods out the entire game.

also laughed at the sex dungeon tyrese thing


No this is not a troll and i wish i was joking i pulled that guy with all intent on getting ryker. The game could recover but i also don’t see that happening. I straight up quit after going so long without an ascendance toon and my toons have been reduced to subpar instead of viable. I can for sure say i am not the only one who has quit for this reason.

Whenever you think they’re going to recover Scopely busts out the moonwalk and goes the opposite direction

Welcome back, still no new Aiko

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Its the same thing they did when 6* first came out. Put a bunch of better toons in the wheel (shield Michonne for example) because they were gonna be useless soon anyway. People have short memories

Best to unreturn buddy this games not worth the time or investment.

I came back to this game in March when Walker Hordes was introduced!
This game has gone downhill massively since. The power creep is way worse now even with the new updates, they would have been good if S Class buff did not happen and veteran rings were limited to 6stars only.

Don’t bother. The faction I’m in only had 20 players and we lost 5 yesterday. Two went to another faction and 3 retired. My old faction lost 11 people in their faction. People are leaving this game. No point to start it up again is my opinion.

You could not live with your own failure. Where did that bring you? Back to me.

Soon you will be a ‘‘Regrating’’ player .

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