I'm a "Luck 100" player

I’ve tried 10 times to get Rick ascending fast characters, and the only ascending fighter I got was this thing

I guess she can be useful in the new 5 star arena but idk, the only thing i can do is keep surviving!
(I’m mexican so if i commit a grammar mistake, sorry)


I kinda like her.
She doesn’t seem anything about average though.

The only thing wrong in that sentence is “so if I commit a grammar mistake” it should be so if I MADE a grammar mistake but other than that it was a very good sentence hope this helps

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I’ve tried about 20+ times for Donny, and have yet to receive him, it’s bullshit

Almost to 40 with 0 ascendable pulls

@BlindHybrid don’t listing to Samuel “commit a grammar mistake” is perfectly acceptable. I think @Samuel1 needs to take English lessons from you instead lol

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Lol same happened to me! :joy:
about 10 yellow ascension for guardian Rick and berserk Romanov.
one ascendable i got that is winter michonne

Yeah true it isn’t very acceptable but I think it would be a preferable word I didn’t say it was incorrect I just said there are better words too use

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