I'll show you mine if you show me yours (attack teams)


Just wondering what everyone (FTP, PTP, PTW) is running these days for attack teams.

Right now I mainly run Blue Carl, Marlon, Blue Michonne, White Shiva, and Shield Jesus (just recently replaced with Wayland). It works great against ranged defences but obviously struggles against Melee defences. Also it used to really struggle against teams with multiple revives but i’m hoping Wayland will help with that.


Mirabelle lead, Shiva, Guardian Zeke, SR Zeke, Blue Tyreese.

Been running it for a year, and it still will take down a lot of premier set ups.


Interesting. I would never think to set up that team. Only one toon is getting lead support. I’ll try it out and see.


Yeah I know. But it stuns, it impairs, it recovers stun, it recovers impair, it buffs attack, it buffs defence, it heals, it decapitates, it confuses, it shields (well guardian shields)


And all low ARs (except zeke which you don’t really want to trigger that much anyways).


I use about 5 attack teams but don’t wanna show em all so here’s 2 of em


Have a bunch of teams for different setups, but this team loooooves Erika/revive/shield teams… Mich’s all setup with the same mods.


^^ Wow (7 chars)


Beat this ^^


bleed and burn! We don’t need no water, let the mother f-er burn… Burn mother f-er… Burn :fire::fire::fire:


This set up usually works


though when im bored i use these 2


This one needs more cow bell


The title tho…


i applaud you sir in this massive flex. best teams i have seen


it should be bleed since only naya has burn. so bleed mfkz bleed would be better :slight_smile:


@Kodak_black Sappening bro is that Laura any good thought I’d ask as your using her? I have her but haven’t ascended her yet and wondering if it’s worth doing?


Most definitely, one of my favorite toons defense down and impair basically wrecks teams and stun active comes in handy


Te vendría mejor Abe de líder, o sacar a Mirabel de la tienda de liga, porque solo ty y Mirabel están beneficiados de el líder.


No me gusta atacar con Carl, es muy lento no tiene bono de ataque tu equipo, claro deben matar con fuego y hemorragia pero no sé si serán 10-12 turnos?


@Kodak_black nice one buddy! Once I’m done leveling Sophia ty and hunter I’ll get onto leveling her! Just so tapped for 6 star gearright now it’s killing me lol