I'll miss out on Piper and all i got was 3 Horde cans?

Jb told me that he is Line while Gr is responsible for the forums

Not really. In this case for example, he’s just letting everyone know they are looking into another hordes. That’s not official lol

10 battles short for the 100 hordes battles

Scopely should give out 100 bloody bandages so that the governor can be a replacement or a apology for piper. Or just expand hordes.

Didnt know there was ones for level ups thanks @Rickygrimes

Good luck. It was tedious. Might wanna use some one stars. Perfect time for basic tokens.

I leveled like 50+ 5*s I’d been hoarding in the event they were made to be ascenable (…stop laughing at me)

I Bought cans with coins and couldnt even burn them all because the game kept crashing.

Ok,was just going by what he was saying that Line is now official

This dude is right
No can do boys Sorry scopes.
More beer and chips for me

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