I'll miss out on Piper and all i got was 3 Horde cans?

I go to sleep thinking I have half of this Horde event and one more full event to get the last bits in order to get Piper IN TWO REGIONS! (so you know I grind a lot)

I have planned and calculated and shared info and word docs in this forum on how to get Piper nearly free and without much faction help and without completing the whisperers map, BUT it all hinged on being able to complete all three of the Horde milestones!

Now, after 8 hours of work and 6 hours of sleep, i wake up to have only 6 hours left to get just under 100 Horde battles completed in TWO regions?? All because Scopely has a yet ANOTHER screw up? And they throw 3 cans at me for my patience??? A months worth of grinding times 2 and i get 3 lousy cans??? Now I just don’t have the time remaining to do what I need!

This is beyond unacceptable and you shouldn’t need a council to tell you so a few weeks from now!

@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely @anyoneelse.Scopely


Really?! Wanna know how I do?!
Attack and flee! And if I come up a lowered defense, I take the points.
Otherwise, I won’t make it… even this way I’m a bit on the edge, with cans and time…

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Tipical pooply

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Even with the attack and flee method this is BS to cut out other hordes and give one near the end on a short timer. Plenty won’t have time or cans stacked up for this. Pretty shitty of Scopely but par for the course with them. Good luck to all those that need Lucille bats to get her


luckly i had 20 cans saved up bcz i never used thm on stupid hrds event earlier so i used all of them on this one nd got the required items but not many hve saved them i can feel the pain


It’s awful 1 moth of your life wastedIMG_2914

It’s BS, I agree. But to be fair, JB has communicated on the super secret Line chat that they are looking into this further. Not putting too much hope into it, but it’s out there.

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“Look into it” is Scopelyese for “We don’t actually plan to do anything.”

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40 Lucilles in my inbox.

Another insulting, sad attempt at compensation. It’s the 60 Lucille mission everyone will miss thanks to scopely incompetence. But they give out 40, hoping to force people to spend. Smh


Gonna be to late after we have burnt all our can☹️

Typical making sure your still short and have to spend, I hate this about Scopely so much :hugs:

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30 short for me and will miss out unless scopes gives 30 or increases the road map from 1 to 10 given out on the two stages a day

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You didn’t do the level up missions?

Why isn’t he communicating on here!?!?!? The number one source of information according to him!!!

Number one source of official information apparently. He uses line just to gather feedback. Would be no point in posting that on here. Because I’m sure it won’t happen.

Well most average players are going to come up short so you’ll be in the majority of TWD-RTS crowd.

Just for peace of mind go into all thing that involved with this game and company knowing they don’t give out stuff to everyone. 99.999998% of things are meant to separate you from your money. Now when they do have the 0.000002% event that is for everyone to complete then get excited.

Scopely should just give everyone 8 crossbones. (Not literally dead players. People who have participate and earned items from the pathways thing) So that way we all get compensated for this big fuckup

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I’ve been locked out the entire event, still on loading screen.

Line is official information as well.