I'll guess I'll be first to mention hacking


So apparently this guy who got Vincent right before the war and got him to tier 3 right away using him in defense team feeling fine and claiming whatever he wants. This is for those who’ve been wandering if any action been made.

Btw love new forum, very comfortable in use


I had pulled vincent right before war and had him at t3 as a 6* and used him for war defense leader. It’s not hard.


And you’ve hitted 1m in few minutes after level up started after CRW too? I definitely need to ■■■■■■■, I don’t even imagine where he get all the gear for his S5 team and tiering legends like this feels wrong… maybe a debuff will fix this and make them more rare and truly legendary, who knows


Imo, I feel like everything you’ve said he’s done is reasonable and doable IF you’re well prepared and an experienced player.


I been playing since the game started. Don’t you understand you had chances to pull him as a 6*, I’m in a top faction so I have more than enough resources to level him. If you’re not a scrub then this is easily achievable.


I don’t want no scrub
A scrub is a guy that can’t get no love from me :musical_note: :musical_note:


This guy has nothing in common with the mentioned by me, our region is 1yo and this TT guy have been banned already. His pal Loid been banned twice and still playing via third account


So scrub some1 else I’m about to get good as you guys