If you're totally free too play be careful!

a faction mate recently lost their account by resetting their device and scopely refused help cause they never made a purchase . all their hard work means nothing nobodies does either buy something and save the reciept or know your accounts not ever going too be safe , they will not do anything at all. which is wrong either charge too download the game so everyone has a purchase reciept or get read of discriminatory “company policies too protect everyones securities” Roger gave them information from facebook confirming its his account,showed them roster and everything yet they only refused too manuelly retrieve his account cause he was a true free too play player never made a single purchase. played 12-16 hours every day . Now he is talking about committing suicide on line app cause Scopely won’t help him. support actually got rude with him said he was wasting “their time” Wheres players united and the players council with making improvements for f2p ? going nowhere cause scopely doesn’t care . they only care about putting us in buckets and forcing us who spend a little too spend more and those who spend a lot too spend even more


F2P is an endangered species. Not important to Scopely.


I’ve had to change 4 devices and having a facebook account makes things extremely easy, I just enter my facebook info and boom my account is on my device.


If you’re a day 1 player or very early, they did not have the linking system like it is today. My account still has to be manually moved by support if I get a new device. It’s a small number of us that are effected by this but Scopely said of course there’s nothing they can do

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Same thing was happened in our region to a player…

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He should be glad to get rid of this. I mean something isn’t right with a person who sits up to 10 - 12 hrs in front of his phone. And this waste of time / life is for nothing. For nothing. No life, no work or just addicted? The person should enjoy life, nature, getting a social life in general.


for example, I am at work 8 hours a day, but I am dependent on deliveries (I do their records and inspections). it usually takes me 3 hours during work and the rest I get bored, just because of that i play games lol

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Hi @Aeris my account is not linked to Facebook could I set up another Facebook account and link it to that🤷🏼‍♂️ I have had a new iPad for 9 months but not used it as it didn’t load my main account

Facebook will delete you if it’s not a “genuine account” so beware.


I agree that Scopely should help
If you lose tour account, but you can see why they only help spenders.

Also, your fac mate needs help From a professional. He has issues way beyond this game.

And what’s wrong with starting again? It’s super easy now and way more fun than the grind you get stuck in trying to keep up.


Dont you get a download receipt when you first get this game in the play store or apple store something like that.

I’m sorry for your friend and must suck but if he feels suicidal there’s something more wrong than just losing a game, I have lost account and was gutted but I think he needs help he shouldnt have such feelings. Best wishes to him i hope he gets help.
Also for other ftp I think if you get the 7 day free trial for sc then cancel it think it still counts as a recipt

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You should have a receipt from 7 day free SC trial if you did it. If not, do it and you will get it. Just make sure to cancel it

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yeah but facebook is offensive

Not if your using same os I just recently got new iPad 6 transfered it on my own,I and I’ve been playing since day 1

Should of been connected to FB…And if they dont like Facebook make a facebook just for the game…

They don’t accept the free trial receipt or any receipt (like one saying you downloaded the game) that is zero cost.

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Geez they really are just grabbing money then cause the SC trial you have to have a valid form of payment with money on it, this pushes more people away to not spend and not play than it does to become a whale for the milking

Why commit suicide? Play another game, get help, just do something else. This game isn’t worth any of that.

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And this month is suicide prevention month. Something that is personal to me. Nothings worth it. Esp this gambling app.