If you're gonna force an update on a Saturday


…at least have somebody around to help if shit gets broken. @kalishane, @CombatDevIl, @CombatMan, beta users need support. Our game is broken. Please, show up and tell us a fix is in the works. Tell us something is happening. Please.


I can’t do shit, game is completely broken


It’s the weekend, I wouldn’t expect anything until early Monday






Yup, seems scopely development and QA team pushes crappy changes to beta without any testing. Maybe you should create separate app for beta and keeps those regions totally separated so crap does not splill before it’s verified.


I sent this issue to our dev chat so they can be aware of the issue, but I am unable to do anything else during weekend, only to answer combat doubts, sorry :confused:


Thanks for responding.

LiveOps should probably have a larger presence here. Add that to the suggestion box, please.


This is a not LiveOps issue, it should be server side verification.


Is someone from IUGO Server Development here?


My bad.

Statement stands.