If you were thinking to make a 10 5* pull


I’ve always had that kind of luck where I get rare charachters, but this is a bit over the top.

For those who don’t speak spanish, it says:

+250 attack
+50 critical
But (literally says ‘but’) -50 def


I actually wish they had this kind of buff debut Risk trade off from the beginning, however far too late for that now


You can fix the debuff, and his base attack is not horrible with the 250% bonus.


I actually think it is a good idea, if balancing was well done that is. If this was a strong character at least I could use it in territories to force a suicide with reflect, I guess I’ll stick with those 1* characters for now.


I got him too. Actually like him. Gives 16 crit to all players (helpful for SR) and a medium drop.


Just give him a weapon with 40def and some hp and ur -50def is covered.
250attack for 3turns is great, that was a rush back in the day for only one turn.
Really don’t see why ur upset, when i first saw his stats i was surprised too, reminds me of 4star michonne who does 50damage when using AR, she was useless but yellow earl isn’t.


I dont even do pulls anymore as I get nothing everytime, and its not even worth pulling a shitty 5 star.


He is a 5*, so I would need a Carl leader and to use him exclusively to attack, I’m way beyond that kind of stuff and there’s no point for a toon like this so late in the game. Still, poor balancing.


Watch him become a surprise ascendable.

When i first saw him in world map story mode i was so sad he wasnt available…a six star Barbarian Rage Earl would be an awesome and fun char to have.


i got him he cool.

Earl is sorta special cause he does all the armory work.

Pray to Earl the Stun gun lord.


I thought u were speaking in general, to use him in ur attack team he’s not good enough indeed but that is the case for most 5stars.

For survival road and stages against zombies in road maps he will be useful, at least for me he is.