If you were a toon in RTS -- what trait would you have?




Definitely Alert.


I’m with you there!

I’m from Florida so I was born alert! lol



Maybe strong


Love the name! Borderland’s reference?

Also – you’d have to be Strong with a buttchin like that!


Prolly tough


Fast - of course! :wink:


I would likely be dead :sweat_smile: :rofl:
Idk I guess tough :thinking:


Haha of course! :wink:


Fast or Tough, definitly!

Edit: Fast Peacekeeper or Tough Leader, sounds lovely enough.


I mean, this is most likely the answer for the majority. Would hope that at least zombie franchise fans would be a bit more resilient – probably just a happy thought though. haha


I hope we get to the part where we start mentioning our interesting Adrenaline Rushes. And possibilities of becoming Legendaries.

I feel an Ascendence Fuel in the horizon because of this thread.


Unless I can kill walkers with my ipad or my iphone i’m not going to be much use so dead would be the most likely :joy:


Why isn’t “hangry” a trait?

Traits we wish existed

This inspires me!


I could certainly use my laptop’s battery as a bashing weapon, so yeah, why not?


if there is no In N Out I would just rather die :rofl:


Probably fast, am best at close combat and knifes and probably leader but i would try to avoid it if i can haha, poor rick and the other guys im sure 99% of us would be dead even as fans as we might be from zombies, really waiting for that zombie apocalypse haha


Florida is where all the crazy comes from


It’s truth.