If you wanted to do the right thing Scopely

Prove to the player base that youre not intentionally screwing over all of us… Extend the pathways event.

You have zero excuses not too… You’ve extended wheels and events in the past. Prove to us youre not holding the coins (you willingly said youd give us) until pathways is done…

The 1250 coins was a nice gesture by yall… Especially at a time where some milestones were ridicuolus and poorly thought out:

  1. 30k war matches - im in a toc region and many toc factions couldn’t even complete this … Esp running a 6vs6 instead of 8vs8
  2. Territories was arguably the worse one seeing the fact its a known issue that territories have been horrible for years
  3. And for good measure lets include hordes… Im not in the majority with this but it should of been ran at least 2 to 3x during pathway events

Then theres the fact that those of us that transferred for toc play: we had our crossbones reset upon transfer. Yet, any map we completed did not reset?¿ why … Youre allowing a dupe alpha … No one is gonna intentionally transfer to obtain a dupe of negan gov or alpha… There is no reason to reset a crossbone earned if youre not gonna allow the map to be reset… I mean if the dupe is that big of a deal why cant there be a museum consumible option to rerun a map - like ok its been completed but if you transfer the new region map would require the toon already earned to be consumed to reopen the map.

All these issues and the worse of it was players being locked out for what 70 some hours???

So prove to us … Prove to every single one of us that you are in fact “STRIVING FOR A PLAYER FIRST ATMOSPHERE”… extend the pathway event for 24 hours after we get these so called 1250 coins bc I and many others saw it as a way to complete the pathway event.

There is literally no excuse as to why there would be any hold up on releasing coins to your playerbase… I have plenty enough coding and website/app building and maintaining experience… As many others do. As i and many others also have experience in playing other mobile games, these other games have zero issue mass releasing compensation for the littlest of hiccups… Yet here yall are just steadily scr.ewing the player base over…

Time to put up because you’re only gonna damage the game further than yall already have


I am still locked out and fully intend to retire if I don’t get fixed before all the pathways items expire.

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Dont blame ya man. This is ridiculous

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