If you wanted people to stay subscribed maybe you should have rigged the freebie pulls to give at least one 5* during the free week?

As the topic says. The Andrea isn’t that great and the grind is real and the other benefits are ridiculously naff especially considering the price. The pulls are what’ll draw people in but after 7 days of 4* trash it doesn’t really inspire me and likely others to subscribe for an extra month on top of it


Lol no doubt man I literally said if I get a promo this week I will subscribe … guess what no promo

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Sounds great for a company with zero morals and integrity.

Carl wasn’t in the promo wheel but good try

I pulled ascendable 5* blue Carl and 6* green Madison…except on my alt accounts that I never play :sob::sob:

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I pulled 6* Rosita

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I mean basically so did you :joy::joy::joy:

The free daily pull is a terrible idea. Yea great for the few that got a good pull in the 7 days. But it leads to daily disappointment and frustration for 90 percent of the player base. Should just let them stack to get your disappointment out of the way at once lol


Same I’ve pulled 4stars on three different accounts and my armory had failed every weapon ive tried since trying the 7 day trial def makes me want to sign up …not

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Should have made a separate wheel with cool/decent 5 stars with ascendables and 6 stars just for Survivor’s Club (a free pull every day or so). Would have definitely made Survivor’s Club a lot more worth it.


93 percent

I think. Haven’t checked the odds recently. Might be even worse

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98% disappointment because seriously what is anyone going to do with a non-ascendable 5-star besides use him like Benny.

Gotta love that 2% chance…


Yep 2% chance of an Ascendable. Ridiculously bad chances. You have a 98% chance to get trash

If i don’t have them i like pulling five stars

Call it 96.5%. Some of those 5s are actually pretty good.

Very few, but some.

You know I wouldn’t totally mind getting a 4 or 5 star if I had the roster space to keep them. There’s just not enough room. What would make more sense if there was a museum collection for every toon so we could get rid of the actual toon but take a look at the museum when we are feeling nostalgic.


Yup lol nothing good in SC to keep me staying subbed, pulled all 4* on 11 dif regions every time think i got one 5*

The wheels might had been rigged to give the pull from SC only 4*, it might be the fact the wheels have been diluted even more than they were, maybe certain peoples accounts are f.l@gged as a rumor goes in this game but all in all nothing in the SC excites me. I’ve also some how have failed crit on every single weapon I’ve crafted during this time even when using both crit tt and PK, i know its not 100% but never had worse luck than when on SC.

I know scopely employees will make fake accounts to come here and say other wise and thats great and all but SC is trash and not worth my money. Offer me something worth a damn and i will consider it but tbh no thanks scopely.


This! Im a semi collector, cant imagine what the hardcores are like lol

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I actually got a 6 star…

What you are feeling now is what contant players feels when farming. Only that with you people it is money and not effort.