If you refuse to get rid of basic tokens


at least make them be able to be traded in on a new token (silver?) that can be used to redeem for higher toons like 2-3s and remove 3s from the wheels… Wheels should only have 4, 5, and 6*s. This allows all the newer players their stupid basic tokens, allows us long time players to get rid of the tokens that are of very little to no use to us.


Basic tokens can be awesome if they would just remove the 1 star crap from the wheel. If they were mostly 2 stars we could use them for the endless level ups we get. The occasional 3 star weapon and toon would be a bonus.


I have said it before, but if they just removed 1* weapons and added glove+shirt packs and other random 1*+2* gear you can’t craft, I’d be stoked. Would still be “basic” while giving gear we would actually use (even if most late game players have tons of the gear it’ll get used).


Great idea, I’d settle for removing 1* but adding gloves and shirt packs would be great.


It’d be pretty neat if they added workshop recipes for conversions. That would definitely breathe new life into that building. I tried to balance these realistically, taking into account things like the training ground and the rate of basic token influx to come up with fair costs and times.

5 helper tokens + 250 wood + 5 minutes = 1,000 silver ascendance medals (unlocked at workshop level 3)

40 basic tokens + 1,000 wood + 1 hour = 1 elite weapon token (unlocked at workshop level 5)

50 basic tokens + 10,000 wood + 1 hour = 1 elite character token (unlocked at workshop level 7)

110 basic tokens + 150,000 wood + 6 hours = 5,000 4 star tokens (unlocked at workshop level 10)

135 basic tokens + 100,000 wood + 4 hours = 2,000 4 star weapon tokens (unlocked at workshop level 12)

150 basic tokens + 350,000 wood + 12 hours = 1,000 prestige tokens (unlocked at workshop level 15)

200 basic tokens + 500,000 wood + 10 hours = 1,000 5 star tokens (unlocked at workshop level 17)

20 helper tokens + 10,000 wood + 2 hours = 10 legendary ascendance medals (unlocked at workshop level 19)

10,000 wood + 30 seconds = 1 gear marker (unlocked at workshop level 20)

1,000 basic tokens + 2,000,000 wood + 48 hours = 5,000 5 star tokens (unlocked at workshop level 20)



Great ideas above. Basics need an update. 1★ items are totally worthless in the current 6★ climate and woefully inadequate to even be considered a reward.


They’re honestly more of a headache than anything.

I’ll dump the 1* toons into random 5* toons at t1/t2 to hopefully level their AR, and all the weapons are a pain to disassemble. Even if they ditched the weapons for weapon parts I’d be happier than their current state.

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What if they gave you ugg boots and north face sweaters…


Heath’s leg + tattered journel = secret cow zombie level


This is the best idea I’ve heard to deal with basic tokens and wood excess at the same time. I would love to see this implemented. You should tag one of the devs in that so they see it cause it’s a great idea.