If you really want to get rid of the hacker problem

Just implement a system that can detect hackers in game, and use an IP ban like you do on the forums to prevent them from creating dupe accounts. That will stop them and create a better environment in game. Without some type of IP ban system, hackers will keep coming back. Also hackers use proxies to prevent from getting caught or banned, so create a system that could detect a proxy the hackers are using and prevent them from ever coming back in the game. @kalishane @Andrea_Scopely


you know how that internetthing works? just for the record, every 6 year old can change the ip

Hackers gonna hack. It’s pretty much dogshit though that when it’s blatant there isn’t an immediate reaction and prizes awarded to the legitimate victors.


Cheaters need to be put into a cheater region similar to SWGOH.

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They struggle to make something like this possible for people who have spent 20,000 dollars on the game. Why would they do it for cheaters for free? :smiley:

So then they can’t terrorise other legit players?


I haven’t missed it at all. They’ve merged regions before and it was a total failure for most.

they only did one or 2 merges though, one was one of my old regions. Yes, there were bugs, but once those were ironed out it worked well.