If you’re looking for a new region, join us :)


…Empty Empty Empty


why was there a spilt

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Older merge guys decided to split and make a new faction :man_shrugging:


ok i wish you luck


If you hear of anyone looking to be in a #1 faction lmk :slight_smile:


what is the region you are in


Terrell currently


Which faction


We’re “Misfits”


Looking for 2 active members we are the number one faction in our region and competitive. We place in top 4 in almost every crw. Two players retired from our faction due to real life complications. If interested or want to know more about us, line me at kmike2323


Are you still looking for people? If so, how many spots? I have about half of a #1 faction in a dead region looking to move…

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Misfits needs about 7 people from looking at their current rank


Mortyman add me on Line. Got room for you in Jeff Davis


Yeah, my faction ended up going tits up. So I may possibly rebuild it myself. If you have a certain amount of people, it may be a discussion to have.