If you only had 1 choice

If you woke up and a body part was missing
what would you choose?

Your typing hand


Has to be yours not mine fail.

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Seems suspicous

Ahahaahah!! :joy:

Didn’t state who’s body part dip shit, just a body part. Go back and edit if you like.

Tittys. If I woke up and found tittys in my face. I would like to return them to there rightful owner. :smirk:


Does it seal itself up or do I risk dying of bloodloss?

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Donate yours to him, you’ll still have one

My Middle Toe.

Okay,calm down

Waking up without my belly button.

I’d be an anomaly, for one.
And for two, it’s really useless.

my appendix


Someone offering free haircuts?

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And a word to the wise… a free haircut is never free.

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Sounds like a period…

Same same

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My left tit is a little droopy…so yeah…i guess that’s it.

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ok if this make u happy thn i will like to see me dickless for a day haha