If you have Aris click this thread


I recently pulled everyones favorite knife thrower Aris and i was wondering behind a carl lead what would be the best mods to put on her and what stats should i throw on her knifes, heh get it, throw… someone just please help me


There’s a thread on this already with alot of good options.


Can you link it please


Put Aris is the search feild. Sort by date. It’ll be near the top.


Oof so basically

Huge bonus to ap when attacking
Absolute defense

Which sucks cause i can never get A.D.
But now idk what mods to use on her


Cant tell you what type of aris you are wanting if you dont tell us if shes going to be for offense or defense, for defense use a defense set with the basics stun resist, defense, impair resist, confuse resist, and hp


She is annoying but not really useful in my opinion. When you raid you can pretty much ignore her and kill her last, because she does not much dmg and have nothing to bring for the team. Convince me she’s good pls, I may will get her from tokens.


I said behind a carl lead so its going to be defense


I mean she is like wyatts older sister


I thini she is very useful, havent ascended her yet but I also have Yvette and my plan is to combine this two in a very defensive duo, congratz for that pull


My favorite knife thrower is Sandy TBH


Damnn you had to go there XD


Well, got 2 Aris. One is maxed, the other one will be fodder for another 6 because she is a no use for me.
Melee defenses are really easy to beat, 5 turns max so I would recommend keep her for level up points … thats it.
Just like wyatt !


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