If you had never spent one cent/penny/etc on your roster would you be as angry with the current product?


There are weekly, even daily reports, of players quitting and leaving in protest at the current meta which has rendered two years of putting together and developing, in some cases, very expensive rosters.

Had you been FTP or a monthly pass periodically this entire time, or for how ever long you have played, would you feel as let down and deflated?

Are you FTP and you see this as a new challenge and/or a chance to gain ground and a rejuvenated game which will expand or also as two years wasted (or whatever time frame applies)? (August 2015 so 28 months for some players).


i think yes since their time&effort is gone to garbage nonetheless but with a catch, if they are dedicated player they should have few 6*s from the initial batch of releases and close to higher rosters more than ever and that could save them some frustration.


I have spent during the last 2 years- probably more on refills and stuff like that rather than pulls. I have also had long periods not spending a penny. 5*s were a bitch to get either way compared to recently. All these toons are now worthless. I feel no better about the ones which didn’t cost money in pulls, they took a hell of an effort to get. In fact, they took so much effort, including farming supply depot points for months early on, that I am more upset about these getting nerfed, than I do about the handful of toons I got from premier recruits.


I’ve never spent a penny, purely f2p, and aside from a 6mth hiatus last year i’ve been on since near enough the beginning.

Back in January i had 2x 4* and no 5* so struggled to compete, but was happily plodding along, the pick yourside event changed things for me after i got revive Jesus but again, was happy where i was. Not in a top 10 faction (still arent) but we did ok and were happy with our rewards.

For me, the 6* thing has evened the playing field, and brought a bout a new challenge for me and other members of the faction. I’ve put a lot of effort in and got my rewards (recent dwight and ak47 included) and I am sat fairly well placed in events these days (top 100) so in that sense its a good thing.

The recent rewards farce, lack of 6*s, and other issues in the game not withstanding i feel in a better, more competitive place.

If i had spent, i think i would feel a bit pee’d off, but on a personal level i really cant comprehend why people would spend so much on a mobile game…


I’ve spent $0 over my entire time playing of about 500 days+; I’m not really angry at the way the things are going. Despite that however, there are certain issues and missteps that have been the result of Scopely’s actions. I’m just really busy right now to really get angry or care about what happens.


I have every premier toon except Magna and Hunter. The only thing that peeves me is I cant use them now. I miss my Sawyer and Teresa. Even Priya is not holding up any longer. But I for one am glad the playing field is more even. People ask me all the time “arent you bitter?” Not bitter, just sad.


Time = Money


F2P here since day 1.
It kinda makes all the effort and grind it took to get certain characters a bit of a waste, with that being said, even though I agree the field became even (for now) it’s not as strategic as it used to be.
I liked beating different teams. Even teams composed of premier toons were challenging and fun to beat.

Having to do everything again is also not amusing. 4* had their T4 gear pulled back in the beginning as well. You had to face 5* using T3 4*. All this doesn’t seem ‘‘new’’ making me wonder if it’s going to end the same.

Also, F2P may have a thougher time using 5* non-dupe fodder.


many people i speak to see the very large time or money they have spent as a sunk cost and another reason they are staying with the game.

when businesses have a strong hook into their customers, there is always a temptation to limit investment. This is particularly if there is:
a) not a lot of possibility to attract new customers or
b) there is a need to short term revenue

It’s not a good long term strategy.


Thank you for the replies.

Me personally, I am FTP and the main reason for that decision was when Disney bought a crowd who were running a Marvel mobile game that had been operating for 4 years and had a large community of players on forums and youtube and basically discontinued the game with a couple of months warning.

Players had invested a lot of time and money and were not entitled to any refunds and were obviously upset and disappointed. They even tried to put together a consortium to obtain and run a server to continue the game among themselves (which was obviously never going to happen). And then the plug was pulled and that was that, as if it had never existed. I thought that was a big kick in the teeth and put into contrast what can and will happen with just about every game at some stage.

The producers of The Walking Dead have said they have enough material from Kirkman’s comics for another ten seasons so they don’t have to rely on writers developing story lines every season but who knows.

I do not want to offend anybody who is P2P but there has been a high volume of Premier recruits which have been only a marginal improvement and have not been worth pulling for especially as another was soon released to counter its strengths.

But a possible solution would be something along the lines of skill points earned (say add +5 ATT/DEF/HP or even the Territories syringe meter for every 50 (or whatever) uses of a character in Raids/ Survival Road/ World & Road Map etc) that could reward long time players and bridge the gap between 5 and 6 star up to a particular maximum which still would of course leave 6 stars as the elite characters. Or a player cannot upgrade a character to a specific Tier until they have logged in for 50 or 100 or 200 consecutive days regardless of how much of a specific type of gear they have in their inventory.

I could get flamed for some of this and I’m not judging anyone’s spending choices but these are just suggestions that would provide a fair reward based on money and time invested rather than luck. It could be backdated as Prestige points were individually for every player based on these factors.

Until older 5 stars are made ascendable I’m not sure of any other solution that can prevent longer term players from giving up permanently.


I’ve spent on the pass, on random refills and the occasional pull but I’d say I would be classified as f2p.

When 6* toons were released I was finally in a place where my team could compete with the top tier teams and still be able to contribute in wars/raid tourneys. While the playing field was “leveled”, it also made most of my teams useless.

I’m a tad bummed.


5* green Sawyer with the chainsaw (there might be another, I don’t know)? I think he’s great, and he’s a staple part of my raid/attack team. Stuns three and has execute. What’s not to like?


I was condisdered a “whale” and switched to mostly a f2p (occasional $5 can offer) and the anger went away. I stopped expecting Scopely to offer the game I wanted and started enjoying the game as it is.


I’m not technically FTP but have bought the monthly pass 5 or 6 times and have spent a bit on tough wars. I’ve been around since the start.

The 6* game was an ok change for me as at the time, the meta was Priya teams so the best way to compete was a first round eagle eye team, which was highly dependent on RNG. It was frustrating to lose simply because of RNG and by bringing 6* in, things were more balanced as a single character doesn’t dominate the game. Now though, I’m happy that almost anyone can compete with almost anyone, but it gets a bit boring that everyone just has a general attack team and all defences are basically the same structure (Carl/Shiva/Zeke; Boobs/Yumi/Ty).

Part of the issues that people can’t let go is that they see this as a sunk cost, or devalued asset, that’s the wrong way to look at this. This is a game that provides enjoyment for that period of time, this isn’t an investment or anything. I compare it to watching a movie or going out for a fancy dinner, it was enjoyable for the 2 hours that you paid for the activity and you’re glad that you had the experience and will remember it later, but once the dinner ends or the movie lights turn on, the experience is over.


I’m f2p and I love green sawyer. My mirabelle one shots him almost every time :slight_smile:


Mostly F2P, but yeah, all that grinding for now obsolete toons that Scopely won’t ascend anytime soon has me considering my continuation. Too bored to spend after this last 30dp matures.


Well therein lies the difference. I only use him on attack. If I see him on defence I take him out quickly too!