If you don't like crying you came to the wrong place buddy



Cause this forum is full of it wah wah wah, whole oceans and rivers are being cried daily by whales and f2p just the whales swim in tears dude.


Too bad, people will complain and keep on complaining. This is a place they like to vent, buddy, and if they want to vent they can. There’s a heck of a lot of stuff to vent about, and maybe when Scopes turns a new leaf will they cease to desist. Until then, hasta luego!


I’m not complaining about the crying I’ve cried over some stuff myself and I believe it’s my gd right to do so this is America idk where these people are from that they think they can stop me from expressing my first amendment rights to cry and whine about something I don’t like


Never said you were, and as a fellow American I respect your rights. Nobody’s stopping you from saying or doing anything, and the same goes for every other person on this forum.


(Insert generic whiny comment here)


Have you ever thought that its bcuz of the constant cry why scopely ignore it? Does the story of the boy that cry wolf means anything to you? Ppl should complain if something is genuinely wrong but what we see on this forum is ppl complaining about every single action taken by scopely.


Dont take this game too seriously ,get a job


I agree every little thing is complained about making it easy for them to ignore everything. But there is a lot genuinely wrong with this game that needs to be complained about.


What? What? What? You mean to say this isn’t a job?!


Jobs usually pay you. This one takes your money. It’s more like a marriage! Am I right fellas?!


You know you can just not read the threads right?


“She’s gonna cry, then I’m gonna cry, and we’re all gonna cry!” Mitt from the Craft




Maybe that’s because scopely screws up a lot