If you don't hit any milestones for Dwight collection... don't expect Dwight


With these back to back level up, I find it hard to hit the milestones in other regions. 500K for the last barbwire piece? Come on man, that is bs. It should only be 250k or 150K at that. Free to plays won’t even get the Dwight if LiveOps refuses to put the maps out again, or lower milestones to get the collection pieces. That Dwight is awesome, and would hate to not have him in all my regions, so Scopley @kalishane please lower the milestones for the collection pieces. Lol :joy:


Are you referring to the current Levelup event? I haven’t hit a single milestone yet but sitting on 1150 pieces already. Just complete the roadmap which will give enough.


Well you’re lucky then. I don’t play war in other regions, and still didn’t get the gun. Sitting on 600 wires each. :cry:


I’m at 1150 as well, not even close to first milestone in level up.

Since it’s a solo I’m just working scav missions and topping up toons that are close to tier, not really putting any effort in.

Have you worked all the roadmaps? Not sure how you are that low on barbed wire


Yes, did all roadmaps. Missed the first 200 wires the first level up last week. That’s probably why. Hope they release more wires at a reduced milestone cost


Plenty of time left in the event, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a flash map pop up with wires


What about gun parts? I really want it.


I’m gonna be pretty pissed if I can’t get Dwight, I got the gun, but refuse to do level up events due to the outrageous milestone rewards, it was bad enough when it was a million, now it went higher? I only check my game once today, to collect my SR rewards.


Same, and you probably should just try for the 500K milestones. Scopley going to troll us by having us buy the last few vests or put them in a wheel for a chance to get. Lots of players will be pissed and feel like they wasted their time doing shit. 13 days left, so there’s still hope.


I need 150 more, I grinded these stupid roadmaps, over and over again, same with that stupid 0 energy road map, if I would have known it was a 3 week event, I would have never wasted hours of my life getting 18k just to be told welp, that’s that, I’m gonna see what happens, the time consuming is killing the fun.


Yeah without any milestones you only have 600

On one account I have 800, 600 from the roadmap and 200 from War. These level up milestones are much to high, 500k, and you only get 100!

On my other account I completed the collection, 200 from War and 200 from a level up where you got 200 for 250k, I just happened to be leveling my 6*’s for War.

But that’s all kinda of fucked, half the wires for double the work


Well, maybe @kalishane can help us with an answer to this problem, shes usually top notch at getting answers.

Edit around the 27th 28th they will do a catch up! I think! From what I saw about the gun parts!


I’m free to play, and I have all the pieces made available. It’s doable, but you have to put in a couple hours a day at least.


Yep, I’m f2p, have all the wires needed, and completed the 1st part of the roadmap. Now to wait for the others to unlock, and get the rest from milestones. I missed out on the rifle, but getting the Dwight will make up for that.


Dear me.

This may come as a shock to you, but when you are a real growed up boy/girl, and let’s say you get a job at a well known burger flipping establishment. Well when you refuse to work due to not agreeing with the companies policies, but just turn up for the free lunch every day, you won’t be getting a share of the Christmas bonus.

Oh and people won’t be over sympathetic when you are pretty pissed about it.


Lol you’re talking to a Veteran of the game. I grind everyday, and almost at level 125. :joy:


Lol oh. :smile:


The roadmap gives 600 wires itself. You can easily get way over the required 1000 by doing the milestones for SR, LU, and war.


While I do understand it shouldn’t be easy, it does suck if God forbid someone misses out on milestones because they had to do real life stuff and therefore it cause them to be a little short


You don’t even need to get the 1Mil milestone for LU, only 125k and 250k. You can protest LU all you want, but if you lose out on this, it’s your loss.