If you don’t like it QUIT


This forum has become a place for people to cry. Let’s change it back to what it originally was and have tips and other information instead of a complaining thread which scopely never reads anyway. They have someone who claims to be part of scopely when in actuality the commmunity managers are whales who take our feedback and post it in the support link in game. Save your time and energy and don’t cry on here nothing will change.


“complains” “complains” “complains”


Just no



This is so funny


Waiting for those responses like


Hmmmm sounds like if you dont like the complaining you could…Ya know…QUIT!!


I disagree. People have the right to complain/give feedback if they invest time or money into the game.

The only problem I have is if complaints/feedbacks are based on false information.


More crying about the criers lol how about this sir if you don’t like it you should quit.




People can voice their opinion like asking an alcoholic who wants to quit to just stop drinking lol



There is a reason this game gets tons of complaints from it’s users. Either learn to deal or take your own advice.


What forum have you been reading?
Both this and the old forum have always been mostly about people venting their frustrations.
If you don’t like this forum QUIT ^_~


I don’t complain too much but it is a free country and anyone can complain about anything they want so who cares, and damn why even make this thread u should have known tons of ppl were gonna roast ya lol


Yessir… As much time and money some people have put into this game… I don’t mind it at all…

Scopely is ran terribly. And needs to be called out all the time.


Haha. I love the reactions this has caused. This is what I do when bored. Thank you all!! And there are so many things I could reference about being a free country and having the right to say what we want. If that was the case a pastor wouldn’t be charged with a hate crime for burning a rainbow flag


Save your time and energy and don’t cry on here nothing will change.

Should listen to your own advice


Your original post is actually quite untrue. There have been plenty of changes due to our “complaining”. Sure not all of our complaints get heard but some do. Just to name a few… a calendar, guareenteed five star pull per forty (even though that now needs changing) and toons as prizes for level ups.

If your not critiquing a company and sharing your unhappiness with the product, what reason do they have to change?


Disregard this thread



Lmao you guys crack me up. I come on here to get a laugh most of the time