If you could make any 5* Ascendable,Who would it be

Who would it be? What would there rush do? What would there stats be? Specialist or leader? Active skill? Be realistic


I would add davie with a really strong rush but with a bad side to it. Stuns your whole team or something


AR-Deal 400 damage to one enemy and all enemies adajecent to it. All teammates get camo for 3 turns

Leader Skill-+40 attack and a huge bonus to ap when attacking to all melee teammates


I’d love to see a Hunter 6*.

Can keep the indomitable special skill & revive rush.

Make him tanky, maybe 1800 defence & roughly the same for HP & then lower the attack to around 1300 to compensate.

Active Skill maybe to block decapitate from all enemies for 1/2 turns.


What the actual fúck is that?

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Sounds great and op, I bet they will make such a character but it would be not original hunter but promo-oriented brand new hunter

Probably, Hunter was the only toon I ever got lucky with from pulls, landed two of him in my 1st 40 pull.

Nearly fainted. Couple of months later Scopely made him useless.

SR lev400 probably can have him killed too

Priya all day


I’d love to see the Shiva force toons, seeing as they where released right as 6* became a thing they were only useful for about a month or less


I really want someone from the telltale games, maby ties that bind clem or shield lee

Mark. Stats and skills don’t matter

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I would love to see Magna human shield as a 6* she should also keep her rush and receive the specialist skill indomitable.

Green javier. Leader skill- all melee toons 50 Hp/30 attk. Active skill- heal all 20 percent. Then last active skill go to plus 20 percent to make it 40 percent. AR- very fast AR called last resort. Make it 900 damage x2 elusive x3 but he becomes stun for one round and loses 10 percent of his health. Lol prob a horrible toon I made for javi

“What Comes After” Carl. Switch his rush to deal 300% damage to 3 and heal 2. Upgrade his lead skill to +40 defense and +36 crit to Alert teammates. Make him balanced in all stats but exceeding slightly more in defense and HP.

Will do 2 from each

Something to Fear: Glenn
Timothy: A Larger Word



Hershel: Miles Behind us

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Sr zeke. Keep him the exact same way, u can even make him a 58 ap… just buff his def and hp stats.

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5* Karlson.

I’d keep the % of damage the same, but increase the amount of AP taken away. If I had to have a name for it, I guess it’d be like “Direct Fire” or something that sounds similar to “Delayed Fire”.

I’d give him a leader skill like “All teammates do 40% damage against alert characters. You get a medium bonus drop chance.”

I’d let him keep the tenacity active skill.

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Andrea or old Jesus would be nice…PS.michonne to!! All old school toons

‘Hold the line’ Duane for sure. He was one of my first 5s and I still have him because I’m sentimental like that.

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