If you could have one ascendable


If you could have one non ascendable character get their acsendance, who would it be and why ( also post a pic of them) mine would be safety behind bars rick


You never said why though!


I hope she’ll be one day ascendable


First epic plus he was clutch for heals when I first got him


Old ben with rainbow lead still there


Why, any special reason?


There is no rainbow lead in game for 6s yet and its long over due


Blue Andrea :wink:


Pick anyone, I said non acsendable and she’ll be ascendable within the next year maybe XD


But she’s still not ascendable :wink:


:frowning:️ ( 7 characters)


This mofo


Ivanova blue, and selfishly because I got her in a solo LU right before 6* and never got to use her


monica for sure


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