If you could change one thing about the game what would it be?


If you were boss of TWD content/programming/customer service for the day, whats the ONE thing you would implement or change in the game?


I’d buy a handful of overflow servers so the game doesn’t lag like dialup internet during war.


Difficult to pick one thing… I guess Id change rewards, and try to make them fair for all players. One major problem is the top players always win tourneys so get the best gear making them get stronger than the rest faster - although this is way it should be it also creates a problem where the top players & factions get stronger faster than the rest meaning they become impossible to beat.


Yep thats why I said one thing. Its hard to narrow down what the main issues of the game for me are.

I think my one thing at the moment would be to remove the damn offer popups. They seem to crash my game!


An up-to-date calendar? @kalishane
With an Ultra Rare Gear map every Sunday.


The ability to war with 6 people signed up, getting 8 is too hard at slow times of the day and when you do it can take up to an hour waiting for another faction to get 8. Let us autofill the remaining spots with random people not online.




Region hopping. Allthough that might have an adverse effect…

Maybe regular flak/beanie roadmaps, since I m lacking that in my dade account.


Would move the game to a different developer.


No Scopely = no RTS :frowning: which is something we all enjoy, or we wouldn’t be here.


The owners


The one thing I would like above everything else is to be able to watch replays of when I have been raided to see how my defese operated.


I would read the forum and listen to what the players have to say.


I would incorporate a critical weapon skill called "nullify " that when attacking or being attacked it would allow the character a 75% chance of not receiving a negative attribute from other players weapons,or with addition of 6*…negative attributes from active skills.


As nice as 6* are, they pretty much dominate anything that isn’t another 6* nowadays.


War- 6 member roster, 30 min war time, no coining for rebuilds :joy:


Tower free war, war cans in supply depot that is all


This is easy, greatly reduce the cost to compete.


Id like to see weapon locks… and ability to swap with a reserve member and not just have reserve #1 slide up into war party. Also shorter wait times for war start after a match up… annnnd some kind of different way for match up algorythm searches for a match… and ability to send out a 2nd war group if you have 16/8 ppl waiting for war just to keep wars going faster… shrugs… i know its more than one thing but they are good things to change.

Edit: also a skill called “disarm”… a greater chance for targets wep to have no stat for 1 or 2 turns… disarming the weps ability.