If you can create a new 6 star who would it be what kind of color and ap rush (etc)



Mine would be a 6 star red maggie that can do 450% damage and all teamates regain 45% hp for 2 turns also her active skill would be confuse. And he specialist skill would be human shield. Stats
1712 hp 1334 defense and 1342 attack


im just curious


6 Yellow version of myself. (Naruto)
AR deal 500% damage, regain 50%, and taunt for 2 turns 58AP
Leader skill: All teammates get 40% attack and defence against range characters (like the blue clem)
spealist skill. don’t have one
active skill: Up defence and taunt


thats cool i totally forgot her leader skill


6 Star Doug (fast)
Ar deals 1% damage, gives the enemy 90% hp, and executes himself
leaderskill: all dougs get 1% hp
specialist skill: none
active skill: self execution


Why is Doug so relateable


6* gator rts #3 ascemds from rts #2 version from a gator vs Caroline event
Trait green
Special wepon 4* gators hallucinogenic pitchfork
+30 def
Confuse on def: when being attacked a greater chance to confuse the enimie for 2 turns
Specialist Ability human sheild
Ar swamp on ‘em’ 66ap
This charector and 3 others gain 40% bonus hp
All teamates gain +70atk and defnse for 3 turns
Trait green
gator rts #3
Special wepon remains the same
Specialist skill none
Lead skill all melee teamtates + 40 atk and a huge bonus to ap on atk
Ar swamps divine 66ap
Deal 225% damge and - 50atk and either stun or impair that enimie and all adjacent enimies
V1 stats 1369atk 2023 def 1686 def
V2 stats 1658 atk 1658 def 1658 hp


I create alot of 6* at the moment, so :grin:. In the Comics I would (Of Course) Pick a 6* Allen, Telltale Based a 6* Kenny and from my own creation some are in work: 6* Jed Fairbridge, 6* “Granny”, 6* Pauli, 6* “Prime”, 6* Tina Fairbridge, 6* Skye :slightly_smiling_face:


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