If you are questioning all these milestones, here's the answer


demand creates its own supply


But you guys always can buy some bags in the shop to compete :wink:


Totally. Why punish cheaters when it’s easier punishing honest players.


If I were a $ employee I would reply to you like this:
We are screwing loyal players till they leave the game, aftermath is cheaters get bored and leave the game too, now all those spenders may return and spend freely


Well, he did a nice job of resource balancing. And yea, keep the territory cans low, it’s pretty boring. :grinning:


I hear there is a special in the shop. 10k cans for $10. It ends soon so head right over.

If they really wanted to they could do something about this.


Scav missions are hacked to give crazy amounts of refills, in case anyone is wondering how that happened. And it’s a really old hack, first I’ve heard of it was in april or something like that.


Sooooo…how does it work?


No idea, I know about it cause some guys posted about the hack on the old forum. I guess they hack it just the same way they do with certain missions that give small amounts of gold (yeap, those are also hacked lol).


They are using Nox app emulator and a cheat engine to manipulate with data


We have prestige tokens, gold, refills, xp missions, in scavenger camp missions, everything got hacked eventually


Your vary knowledgeable bro, know more the scopes I.t crew


I’ll teach 'em this shit 24/7 but I’ve already sent bunch of tutorial videos


Might as well go out with a bang…since I’m depot my shut by the end of this month.


My pals did it with game guardian, still not fixed, being raided by Olivia’s all day long


I remember last year when someone posted the armory exploit and Scopely did nothing for months. Then half a year later they wiped out certain accounts and left the rest untouched.

Enlight us @EternalEnemy


Lmfao…alot people got away with it though.


We had quite a ban wave after video being posted, but now it seems it started all over again.


Sad thing is banning them isn’t a fix! They’ll create another account and will do that again just to annoy everyone else